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What is a Facebook Legacy Contact?

We are in the digital age.  Much of our social, professional and financial communication takes place exclusively online.  We each have multiple email addresses.  We receive invoices, bank statements, and financial notices via email.  We pay bills, transfer money, and prepare tax returns electronically.  Yet, under our current law, the personal representative (or executor) of […]

Digital Asset Protection for 2015 and Beyond

Do you have digital assets? An estimated 85% of adults in America do, simply by regularly using the internet and engaging in social media. Digital assets are pieces of information created and stored digitally, whether the content be in text or media format – examples include Facebook, Amazon, and Pandora accounts; photos uploaded to Flickr; […]

Maryland Estate Tax Exemption To Rise

Big changes are on the horizon for Maryland´s Estate Tax. Sometimes referred to as the “death tax,” all the assets you own at your death are subject to estate taxes. The Maryland Estate Tax (MET) exemption has been holding steady at $1 million for years, even as the Federal Estate Tax exemption has risen to […]

Maryland Motorists and Bicycles: Expect and Respect

The Maryland State Highway Administration has a new message for motorists and bicycles that share its highways – anticipate each other’s needs. In an expansion and revamping of its previous “Share the Road” campaign, “We’re on this road together, expect and respect” aims to reduce collision and injury on Maryland roadways. Under the law, bicycles […]

The Devastating Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury

Personal injury attorneys often represent clients who suffer from traumatic brain injury, or TBI. In the U.S., approximately 1.6 million people sustain a TBI each year, with 50,000 of those dying and 125,000 disabled within one year. Traumatic brain injury results from sudden trauma that disrupts brain function. The trauma can occur when the head […]

Fire Safety Checklists

Fires can be devastating for both residential and nonresidential properties. In 2011, there were an estimated 364,500 residential fires and 85,400 nonresidential fires, which caused over 2,500 deaths and over $8 billion in damages. Fires are a hardship that no one wants to consider could happen to them, but it is still necessary to make […]

Insurance: Presume Nothing

Insurance plays a very important role for business owners and private citizens alike. Whether a person is looking to protect their home, car, business, health, or life; insurance typically offers an affordable way to safeguard investments and livelihoods. Few people, however, want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on any type of insurance. Insurance […]

Duty to Defend: Your Insurance Company’s Promise to You

An insured driver who negligently causes an accident usually has at least one thing going for them: their insurance company will likely have a duty to hire a lawyer to defend them, and to pay for the damages they caused. Most people know that their insurance will protect them against losses they may incur. But […]

Is the Toy Your Child Got For Christmas Unsafe?

Every parent, grandparent and party-going gift-giver wants the toy he or she hands a child to be fun and exciting. But how about safe as well? We all assume that fun toys, or popular toys, are also safe to play with. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Below are some recent examples of toys […]

A Legal Document Every Person Needs to Have

No one wants to anticipate a medical crisis. The thought of becoming so incapacitated that another person would need to manage your medical decisions is unpleasant and frightening, so most people prefer to ignore the possibility that it will ever transpire. The truth is that medical tragedies can strike anyone at any time, and at […]

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