We are dedicated to understanding the full scope of our clients’ needs and the challenges they are facing, and to ease every stress and worry we are capable of.

We see firsthand just how drastically an injury or accident can change lives and the toll it takes on both the injured person and their loved ones. But we also see amazing things – positivity and hope and determination – and it is those emotions and resulting actions that keep us committed to doing the best we can.

Thank you to our past clients for the many kind words they have shared about their experiences with our firm.

“The best personal injury and brain injury attorney! My life, altered by a car accident resulted in a devastating brain injury and led to a lawsuit against my car insurance co. – one that only could be fought by an incredibly experienced PI and brain injury attorney, Niel Fick.

We won! I have joy, relief, peace and a sense of security thanks to the amazing and dedicated work by Niel to bring about a settlement. He has a sincere and passionate interest to help combined with a work ethic unlike any other. Niel advocated and empathized as he represented me along the way drawing from years of experience, knowledge of brain injury and a great legal team.

I highly recommend Niel and his firm for services and regarding personal injury and brain injury situations.”

– B & M S.

“My husband and I worked with Maureen May on our estate planning after recently becoming new parents. We really did not know much about estate planning going into it. Maureen took the time to explain in layman’s terms the different types of legal documents we would need and what they would mean to us. We had many questions and she was patient in answering all of them in a way we could understand! That to me was the most important. She never made us feel silly for asking even the most basic type of question throughout the process. She made it easy! Even after our documents were drawn up, she made herself available to us when we were filling out beneficiary forms, etc.  We could not have asked for an easier process. Maureen is a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable in her field.”

– Alyson M.

“Niel Fick has been our family’s attorney for close to 13 years. His skill and knowledge of the areas of Neurolaw, litigation, as well as estate planning and wills, is the best on the East Coast. His counsel, and that of partner, Maureen May, has been a great source of comfort in navigating life’s ordeals. I highly recommend their services.”

– Anthony C.

“Maureen May is a gracefully competent attorney. She is thoughtful to the big picture of her work and shrewdly thorough with the details. She engages her dedication with a sense of humor and integrity typical of the Fick family business.”

– Irene P.

“We came to Mr. Fick a week before our house was to be sold at a foreclosure auction. Our mortgage company had not been willing to negotiate any possible loan modification despite repeated attempts by myself to offer alternatives to foreclosure. We had income and could afford the mortgage, but could not afford the lump sum of back interest and late fees the mortgage company wanted us to pay.

We came to Mr. Fick with a week before the sale hoping that an attorney would be helpful. He was able to gather the necessary information and start negotiations with the mortgage company within a day. It came down to the wire, but he was able to get a modified loan with our mortgage company the day before our house was to be sold at auction. Mr. Fick was professional with us and explained our possible options, as well as worked diligently with the mortgage company. We were impressed with his negotiations with the bank. He got more done in a week than I was able to do in four months of constant contact with the mortgage company. I would highly recommend Mr. Fick to anyone looking for legal representation!”

– Greg A.

“I first came to know Attorney Fick because of my own involvement with brain injury (I was injured in 1988) and then because of my work within the brain injury community. I have always been struck by the fact that he cares not just for individuals who are his clients but he cares about the at-large community of brain injury survivors – caregivers – service providers. He is knowledgeable about brain injury and it´s ramifications. He is the ONLY attorney to whom I entrust the survivor ID program of my small TBI organization, TPN”.

– Dena Taylor, The Perspectives Network

Fick & May has accompanied us with measured steps through a thicket of issues through five and a half years. We had the kind, compassionate and fair minded assistance of both Nathaniel Fick and later, also his daughter, Maureen May [Fick & May] since February 2007 as we found ourselves in the position to stand up for our son’s life and care within a hostile situation. We, also, received advice and help with personal family and health care issues of our own in that time span and process. It is with deep gratitude we proffer our recommendation of the Law Offices of Fick & May.

– P & H A.

Niel is an attorney who truly cares. He proved to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable and he displayed the utmost integrity. I would use Neil again or seek his advice for any legal matter with the knowledge he would be honest and straight forward using his vast experience in legal matters. Nathaniel Fick, in my opinion, is the best there is.

– Bruce S.

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