A traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury (SCI) is often devastating and life-changing. They can be complex and require extensive medical treatment and assessment. The impact of a TBI or SCI can alter your future and take you on a completely different course than you had thought and planned.

Although many severe cases leave no choice but to require long-term disability, those less severe still cause various forms of struggles, barriers, and changes that the injured person must adapt to and overcome.

Unfortunately, many brain and spinal cord injuries are preventable. Without the help of an experienced attorney, the current and future needs of the survivor might not be met. Records and medical care needs to be documented properly, and obtaining adequate assistance and compensation is best achieved by an attorney who not only has experience in and understands TBI and SCI cases, but also the injuries themselves.

It is not easy to cope with any traumatic or minor traumatic brain injury, or a spinal cord injury. Aside from the physical and emotional impact, they can cause financial strain and affect relationships with family and friends, as well as professional relationships and your ability and desire to work. Simply put, it is stressful and overwhelming – but there is hope.

At the law firm of Fick & May, you’ll find experienced, compassionate legal representation that will work hard to get you results to improve your quality of life, ease your concerns about the future, and lessen your burdens. We encourage you to learn more by reading the information under our Personal Injury area in relation to brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

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