When someone passes away, he or she may leave behind assets which require transfer to a new owner. Certain of these assets may constitute a probate “estate” and either state law or a Will dictates the division of those assets.  Determining division of assets, and settling debts or obligations owned by the decedent, is estate administration, or the probate process.

An attorney can assist you in:

  • Assessing which assets are probate or non-probate;
  • Investigating, and communicating with, creditors, brokers, and other accounts;
  • Determining which fees, taxes, and other expenses are applicable to the estate;
  • Establishing the estate as a legal entity;
  • Preparing documents and forms for submission to the Register of Wills and its assigned auditor;
  • Communicating with Interested Persons;
  • Overseeing accounting of estate assets;
  • Settling debts and handling Claims made against the estate by creditors; and
  • Calculating and overseeing distribution of estate assets.

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