Who Needs a Will? Who needs an Appointment of Health Care Agent?  Who Needs a Power of Attorney?

The short answer to each question: EVERYONE over age 18. Each document is critical in protecting your interests, while you are alive and after your death.

While most people presume if they die without a Will all their assets will automatically transfer to a surviving spouse, or surviving children, that is not always the case in Maryland. A valid and enforceable Last Will and Testament is one way to ensure that your assets, family heirlooms, money, and other personal and real property are transferred exactly as you wish. In addition to asset distribution, a Will allows you to appoint guardians and trustees for minor children, make special bequests, and create trusts to care for your loved ones.

During your lifetime, having a valid and enforceable Appointment of Health Care Agent as well as a Power of Attorney will protect your assets and well-being. If you are injured, incompetent, ill or otherwise unable to handle your own affairs, having these documents already in place will keep life running more smoothly amid chaos, and ensure that someone you trust will be managing your affairs.

Take Control of Your Assets

The lawyers at Fick & May can assist and guide you in all aspects of estate planning and asset protection. We are dedicated to helping you:

  • Draft a will
  • Create a living trust
  • Create business, education, retirement, and other trusts
  • Draw up advance directives, appointments of health care agent, and general powers of attorney
  • Make end-of-life arrangements

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